ARK Property Management and Sales
ARK Property Management and Sales
ARK Property Management and Sales
ARK Property Management and Sales

About Us

ARK Property Management and Sales is focused on being a smaller management company providing individualized quality service to each client.  By staying small and monitoring all aspects of the everyday operation, we can make sure things are being channeled in the right direction.  This, in turn, will keep clients and customers happy and encourage the long term relationships we are looking to develop. Having over 25 years of combined experience working in the property management field, we are taking that vision and making it happen.  We are a full-service professional property management company providing all the services you expect. We strive to develop personalized relationships with each owner and to create individualized management plans. Whether you want to have a major part in the daily decisions required for your rental property, or you just want someone to take care of everything for you, we are here to assist you.  Our maintenance staff is available to make repairs, or you may prefer to work on your own property.  Either way, you can expect the same high level of service and communication.

Our Mission

ARK Property Management and Sales mission is to provide professional, informative, loyal and personalized service in the property management field and develop long term client relationships.  We use a team approach and strive to provide individualized service to each and every customer.  Our team is composed of a very small group that works together on all aspects of the business so each owner can feel a more personalized relationship with us rather than working with a large group.

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At ARK Property Management we believe you deserve nothing short of the best service. Our team is dedicated to serving the property-related needs of homeowners and the community at large. 

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